I lead groups on Saturdays at my Alma office location. Groups are amazingly effective in helping clients gain concrete self-insight, practice interpersonal skills, and heal through human connection.

Currently I am accepting new clients for a Breakup Support Group beginning October 5:

  • Breakups are immensely painful. The feelings of rejection, shock, and grief that arise in their wake sometimes seem minimized by cultural cliches that suggest we'll feel better after some couch-wallowing with Ben and Jerry's. Really, our brains process heartbreak in the same cerebral regions that physical pain is felt (to learn more, check out neuroscientists Edward Smith's breakup study) and it's understandable to need more support than sad songs or even friends can provide. We will share experiences, process our emotions, and consolidate tools for moving through this transition. We will also read and discuss sections from relevant reading material.

  • To set up a phone consultation, email

  • Future groups: Caretaker Support Group, DBT Skills Training, Loved Ones of BPD, Single Dating Support Group